Saturday, January 5, 2008

Mott Children's Hospital - Did you know

Ann Arbor-University of Michigan.
Construction work on the University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children's Hospital and Women's Hospital in Ann Arbor is well underway. CS Mott Hospital is the 2nd largest construction project in the state of Michigan and and the 15th largest hospital project underway in the nation. We are so fortunate to have this in our community. When people talk about the down Michigan economy, and Ann Arbor losing Pfizer, I think it is important to remember the positive impact projects at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor such as this have on the local/state economy. The impact of a project like this on our real estate and housing market is significant as well.

The new facility will span the length of two football fields. The facility will consist of two conjoined towers – a 9-story clinic tower and a 12-story inpatient tower – that will bridge inpatient and outpatient services within the same disciplines. This will create a programmatic approach to patient care on each floor.

CS Mott Children's and Women's Hospital facts:

  • 200 tons of concrete and asphalt have been recycled to date on the project site
  • 300 feet is the height of the tower cranes, the tallest in North America not tied back to the structure. A new crane foundation type was developed for this project
  • 2nd largest construction project in Michigan, just behind the MGM Grand Casino in Detroit
  • 15th largest hospital project currently being planned in the country
  • 2,769 piles will be drilled for both foundations and earth retention
  • 330 yards of concrete will be used to form one pile cap at a stairway foundation
  • 10,500 tons of steel will be erected as the building structure
  • 4.4 million feet of wire for electrical, communications and fire alarms will be used

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