Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ann Arbor Bike Lane Inventory Published

The City of Ann Arbor Studies Bike Lane Needs - The city of Ann Arbor has published The Draft 2008 Bike Lane Inventory Report. The reports identifies the conditions of the city's bike lanes and priorities needs for improvements. Bicycling in Ann Arbor

Currently, Ann Arbor has 24.4 miles of on-road bike lanes on 33 different road segments. To determine the level of quality of all on-road bike lanes, city staff evaluated the pavement condition, the presence of a stripe and its integrity, the presence of pavement markings and their integrity, and the presence of standard or non-standard signage. This evaluation has allowed city staff to rate the overall quality of the bike lane network, and begin comparing this year’s inventory to inventories from past years.

As a real estate agent in Ann Arbor, people weigh the benefits of living in the City vs. the neighboring townships. The comprehensive not-motorized planning and implementation done by the City of Ann Arbor is one reason to consider. Ann Arbor has a good and improving system of safe bike routes. As a parent it is important to know your kids can get on their bikes and ride safely to friends and events in town.

For more information on non-motorized commuting in Ann arbor see the Get Downtown blog. Tons of information and resources.

Non-motorized Resources from the City of Ann Arbor

getDowntown program - The getDowntown program provides information and assistance to downtown businesses and employees on commuting options, such as biking, riding the bus, walking, and carpooling

Washtenaw County Biking & Walking Coalition - The Washtenaw Bicycling and Walking Coalition is a group of local organizations, agencies and retail stores, as well as individual cyclists and walkers, which promotes transportation options that make sense for a sustainable and livable community.

Washtenaw Area Transportation Study (WATS) - As the official transportation planning agency for Washtenaw County, WATS provides a planning function, data tracking, a conduit for Federal Transportation Funding (CMAQ), and development of a countywide transportation plan, and a 2006 Countywide Non-motorized Transportation Plan.

Washtenaw County Bicycle Map (pdf) - These are available at most local bicycle shops, or through the City's Parks and Recreation Department.

Bike Parking for your Business (pdf) - A guide for Ann Arbor businesses considering the installation of bike facilities.

Photo credit - Flickr: by Payton Chung

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