Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bikes-I-Like: Sanyo Eneloop Commuter Bike

Ann Arbor Bicycle Commuting: - The Sanyo Eneloop electric Bike uses energy generated by rider. Maybe not for those that ride a fixed gear through anything, but perfect for those that want an economically and ecologically friendly ride.

Forward thinking Sanyo has announced the eneloop hybrid electric bicycle. The eneloop bike will become a part of the ‘Think GAIA’ brand vision stressing ‘looping energy’ or stressing a lifestyle of reusing and recycling. With this new product, clean and reusable energy is “Generated, Recharged, and Conserved” simultaneously.
Energy is generated by the rider, recharging the auxiliary battery, and conserving the energy both from the main battery and the rider.

What’s really unique about this bike versus other electric assisted bikes is that it captures energy from the wheels when braking or coasting, recharging the batteries in the process much like hybrid cars. This gives the bike a much longer range per watt.

The bike offers a “Power-up Mode” assist ratio of up to 2:1, or double the rider’s pedal effort. The bike uses a “two wheel drive” system in that the motor powers the front wheel while the rider powers the rear wheel.

Shipments in Japan of power-assisted bicycles in 2007 were about 283,000 units, nearly double the amount since 2000. (Sanyo)

It might take a while for this to become available to Ann Arbor bicyclists. Initially it will only be available in Japan starting in February 2009, but international sales are likely to follow. MSRP will be about ¥130,000 (roughly $1,400).

Photo: Sanyo

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  1. Its a sweet idea but how good is it at down hills? I'd still stick with a fixed gear myself but its good to help the earth ;)