Friday, December 12, 2008

Copenhagen Bike Culture

Planners and those interested in increasing the bikeability of downtown Ann Arbor might take some cues from Copenhagen and Jan Gehl—the Danish architect who paved Copenhagen’s bike-centric way.
Take a look at this article at Travel and 10 stylish Copenhagen cyclists are interviewed on what gets them in gear.

The online feature interviews 10 people about why they ride, what to see when you’re there and what they love about their country, and includes pics (like the one at right by C.Kerber) of the various bikes and people.

"Lycra-clad, muscle-bound cyclists they are not—these are ordinary (if extraordinarily beautiful) people riding in suits, skirts, even high heels; some on trendy three-wheelers with baby pods, others steering classic upright Pedersen domestic models with polished wooden fenders and sprung-leather seats. We asked some of them to stop and tell us where they were going, what not to miss, and what it is that makes their city so appealing."
Check out the photo tour and while you are there, take a look at the buildings in the background for size and density for an area like downtown Ann Arbor.

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