Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Home Inspection Nightmares

Hey first time home buyers, here are a few reasons you should always have an home inspection when you purchase a home. See the photos below for examples of some really inspired home repairs that I hope your home inspector will site in their full report. See if you can top these.

OK- I might get over the outlet in the shower. But I will not accept the toilet paper holder IN the shower.

When the power company told its crew to run electricity to this house, I'm sure they didn't mean to just stick all the wires through a hole in the roof!

Pretty safe isn't it? I mean the hot lead is at least a quarter inch from a metal oil pipe and it is almost 48 inches off the ground so children won't touch it...

Yes- go ahead and connect the dryer vent to the water heater flue.

What the heck is this????

The county inspector had JUST signed off on it. Said it was "all he could do since it was a remodel".

If you can't bend metal conduit, just use a few extra junction boxes!

You know you're a redneck HVAC tech when you use a chew can for a junction box.

When you do not have an outlet box, use a Nike box.Just do it!

Main load, acetone, grits, and tool storage panel.

"Screw that I-beam- just cut it. That is the framer's problem."

Instead of flashing the penetrations, install buckets with pipes under the drips.

.........shower and ceiling fan in master bath...."
Hmm.where does the wire go and how much glue did he use to stick that thing there?

The ad listed the house with a "whole house attic fan". Professionally installed no doubt.

If you can vent ONE bathroom exhaust then you certainly vent THREE!

"I paid an electrician to do it"

"Flashing!? We don't need no stinking flashing!"

"Look- I had 18" of pipe and this bag of couplers."

I think this goes to a ceiling fan mounted on the ceiling of a bathroom on the other side of this wall. Maybe.

Supply air, meet return air.


  1. The Home Inspection Inspector can save you and your building from natural calamities and Hazardous accidents that can harm your life.Now you can understand your new home better with the Home Inspection.

  2. Youve been in my house!!!

  3. I have worked as a home inspector for 11+ years. We have inspected everything you can think of. I take the time to read and write many blogs and articles on home inspection. This has been a tuff year most home inspectors. We are growing only because many companies have gone under sad.
    Thanks for the post a joy to read, well done!

  4. Most people know that you should always get a home inspection before buying a home but the Latin phrase “Caveat Emptor” is the reason why. This means “Buyer Beware” and is the legal principle in Ohio that when you buy a home, you are responsible to educate yourself on the home’s condition.