Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bike Trail Maps of Ann Arbor at

Open source geo data base OpenStreetMap is a free editable map of the whole world (including Ann Arbor!) which shows bike trails, paths or anythig you like!

The is a project to map bicycle routes all over the world whcih uses the OpenStreetMap API. Users can update and edit the maps like a Wiki.

Andy Allen created the open cycle map project as a hobby and works with the company Cloudmade to develop opencyclemap.

The open cycle map project is "just" another biew of the oopen street map project and takes the open street map data and puts a different view on it such as deemphazising roads and focusing on other features such as bike parking etc. The number of users of open cycle map is doubling every 5 months with over 49,000 kiloometers of cycle paths and routes mapped. future tasks for developers include hill shading, adding bike lanes and bus links and subjective routes such as favorable roads through areas.

If you are bicycling in Ann Arbor, check out the trails that are routed in OpenCycleMap and take the time to add your own data.

Bicycle Routes I noticed in Ann Arbor include the trails in Olsen Park and many in Northeast Ann Arbor, The border to border trail along the Huron River from Ypsilanti and trails along Baron Pond and Black Pond Woods.

If you want to add to this project you can input your data at openstreetmap.

Will be adding bike lanes and bus links and subjective routes. Also plans for routing for bikers.

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