Sunday, May 17, 2009

Enjoying National Bike Month In Ann Arbor MI

National Bike Month

Enjoy the outdoors in spring by bicycling in Ann Arbor

May is National Bike Month, and what better way to celebrate than by hopping on your own two wheels (or one, if your choice of wheels, er, wheel, is a unicycle) and peddling around town. Ann Arbor has several excellent bike shops if you need to purchase a bike of your own. Craigslist and Ebay are good places to find used bikes. Check out these local Ann Arbor area bike shops:

Ann Arbor Cyclery, Packard Road:

Two Wheel Tango, two locations in town:

Campus Student Bike Shop, two locations:

Great Lakes Cycling and Fitness, Stadium Boulevard:

Wheels in Motion, Washtenaw Avenue:

Ann Arbor Bicycle Touring Society is a local organization promoting biking in Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas. Check their website for maps of rides around town, as well as biking tips and upcoming events.

Enjoy the weather this week by joining other local cyclists for a ride through our beautiful city. Ride through parks filled with flowering trees, coast through neighborhoods and enjoy beautiful Ann Arbor real estate, and tour scenic back country roads.

There are a number of bicycle-related events in Ann Arbor this week, including a traffic skills class, a book discussion and numerous rides through and around town.

Sunday, May 17

Traffic Skills 101 Class

Course sponsored by the Ann Arbor Bicycle Touring Society. League of American Bicyclists Smart Cycling Course.

Monday, May 18

Back Roads Ramble

9 a.m.

A slow-paced ride, 12-35 miles (along dirt and gravel roads to Independence Lake and other low traffic destinations. Meet at 960 Forest Rd. off Country Club Dr., Barton Hills. 734-761-2885, 734-663-5060.

Paved Roads Country Roads Ride

5 p.m.

Fast/, moderate-, and slow-paced training rides, 18-24 miles along country roads west of town. Meet at Royster Clark, 885 Parker Rd. at Pine Cross Lane just south of Jackson Rd. 734-426-5116.

Smoothie King Recovery Ride: Ann Arbor Velo Club

6 p.m.

Cyclists invited to join club members on this moderate-paced ride, 15-20 miles, down Huron River Drive to Dexter and back. Meet at Smoothie King, 222 N. Fourth Ave. Free. 827-2792.

The Civilized Ride: Ann Arbor Bicycle Touring Society

7 p.m.

Slow-paced ride, 12-18 miles, to Dexter, with a possible stop for ice cream. Wellington Park, Alice at Bruce St. (off Arborview from Miller). Free. 213-2908.

Tuesday, May 19

Huron River Ride

6 p.m.

A slow/moderate-paced ride, 18-40 miles to Dexter and back. Meet at Rudolf Steiner School, 1655 Newport. 734-662-0205, 734-761-6253.

Big Sky Ride: Ann Arbor Bicycle Touring Society

6 p.m.

Moderate-paced ride, 20-35 miles, along flat, relatively quiet picturesque roads south of Ann Arbor. Meet at York Baptist Church, 1220 Stony Creek Rd. at Platt. Free. 734-971-5763, 734-424-2802.

Wednesday, May 20

Superior Salem Dirt Road

9 a.m.

A slow/moderate-paced ride, 19 miles or more along gravel country roads. Meet at Trinity Presbyterian Church parking lot, Gottfredson Rd. at Ann Arbor-Plymouth Rd., 248-437-5067, 734-663-5060, 734-663-8960, 734-482-510.

West Side Ride: Ann Arbor Bicycle Touring Society

6 p.m.

Moderate/fast-paced 25-mile and slow-paced, 13-18 miles, rides to the Dexter Dairy Queen and back. Meet at Sweepster parking lot, 2800 N. Zeeb Rd. Free. 734-426-5116 (longer ride), 734-665-4552, 734-761-2659 (shorter ride).

Washtenaw County Bike Rides: A Guide to Road Rides in and around Ann Arbor

7 p.m.

U/M Program in Society and Medicine director Joel Howell, an avid biker, discusses his new book. Signing. Shaman Drum Bookshop, 315 S. State. Free. 662-7407.

Thursday, May 21

Spring Unfolding Ride

10 a.m.

A beginner-friendly slow-paced ride of 10-15 miles around Ann Arbor neighborhoods to explore local gardens, parks, and cafes. Meet at Gallup Park Canoe Livery, 3000 Fuller Rd., west side of Huron Pkwy., 971-5763, 663-5060

Thursday Evening Ride: Ann Arbor Bicycle Touring Society.

6:45 p.m.

Fast/moderate-paced 25-mile ride around northeast Ann Arbor that includes some good chances to improve your climbing skills. Meet at the Fuller Pool parking lot, Fuller Rd. Free. 996-9122.

Friday, May 22

Dexter DQ Ride: Ann Arbor Bicycle Touring Society

6 p.m.

Slow-paced 26-mile ride to the Dexter Dairy Queen for a snack. Meet at Abbot School, 2670 Sequoia Pkwy. (off Maple 1 block south of Miller). Free. 734-662-0205.

Saturday, May 23

Dexter Breakfast Ride: Ann Arbor Bicycle Touring Society

9 a.m.

Beginner-friendly slow-paced (22 miles) and moderate/fast-paced (30 to 80 miles) round-trip rides to the Dexter Bakery. A very popular ride. Also, at sunrise at Wheeler Park, "Sunrise Saturday Ride," a very slow-paced 22-mile ride (662-0205) to Dexter for breakfast. For information, call, 734996-4985.

Photo courtesy Flickr: by Wolfgang Staudt


  1. I wish this kind of activity held in my country too. I love cycling and always spend about 20-30 minutes a day as a routine exercise program. Sometimes, I cycle around the island too with my friends as a group activity. It is always fun to do this with friends.

  2. Pity they dont do something like that here. Looks like a whole lot of fun. I'm in the UK. I'm actually looking for some new carb fiber wheels for my bike at the moment, can u recommend any?.

  3. More and more of such cycling events need to be held... keeps your health in top shape, gives you much-needed fresh air, a good socializing event and the biggest plus - saves the environment! :)

  4. This sounds awesome, we need more cycling events over here!