Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mayor's Green Fair Ann Arbor MI - Photos

Photos from the Mayor's Green Fair in Downtown Ann Arbor MI - The Green Fair in Downtown Ann Arbor was packed! What a blast. If you are into alternative transportation ideas, bicycling, electric vehicles, the Green Fair had a lot to offer. Many of the local Ann Arbor bicycle shops were in attendance showing off some interesting products. Bicycle touring groups were well represented too. Not nearly enough electric assist bikes though. Hope to see more of these in the future. Take a look at the photos, with more at Andy Piper's Flickr page:

Lots of bikes flying around - right on Main Street!

Models of bullet trains around the world. I want my bullet train! Models by Largebeat Rail Lines, Ann Arbor, MI. Is high speed rail coming to Michigan? Obama's stimulus package includes $30 billion for rail and mass transit projects including $850 for Amtrak and $2 billion for high -speed rail.
Retro Dutch bike. Wood chain guard, leather handlebar grips. Loaded up with Shimano Deore components. Most unique bike I have seen in a while.

The Guys from Sic Transit Cycles. Check out their new shop at 1933 Broadway, Ann Arbor MI. Specializing in repair and slaes of used and reconditioned vintage bicycles. They will gladly upgrade your old school bike inot a hot fixed gear or updated multi gear bike. For those of you who remember the bike boom days of the 1970's these guys have your number.

Add ImageDetroit Electric Car beautifully restored - from 1916

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  1. Excellent idea and I think this type of fair should take place in many places around the world at frequent rate. This is the best way to spread awareness on going green. I wish this kind of fair to be held in my area too. Will surely take part.