Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ann Arbor Chocolate Shop offers Sweet Treats Downtown

Schakolad Chocolate Factory is one of Ann Arbor’s treasures. A chocolate wave has swept the city, bringing with it an influx of chocolate fondue, chocolate drinks, and chocolate sweets. Opened six years ago by an Ann Arbor resident, Schakolad led the chocolate rush that is sweeping the city, bringing with it specialty truffles, chocolate drinks, and fanciful molded chocolate sculptures.

Schakolad is located on East Washington Street in downtown Ann Arbor, and is only a short walk from many Ann Arbor attractions and nearby homes and condos, including the new Ashley Terrace Condos. This locally-owned business is a franchise, one of four locations in Michigan. The company currently has stores in nine states, plus the District of Columbia, as well as one international location in Kfar Saba, Israel, and is considering expanding.

Walking into Schakolad is a sensory delight- you smell the warm molted chocolate being crafted into tiny bite-size truffles, see it being poured into molds, and hear the hum of customers trying to decide what to try next.

Molded chocolates, crafted in the shape of a corporate logo, and creative chocolate sculptures depicting things as varied as handcuffs, a hammer, a car and a football, and popular gift items. Ann Arbor real estate agents purchase chocolates shaped like house keys to congratulate new home owners. Brides buy tiny chocolate heart boxes that open to reveal sweet chocolate-covered cherries inside.

The store offers hot drinks, including hot cocoa, of course, but their big draw is the chocolate. White chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, Schakolad has it all. Everything in the store is delicious, so your biggest challenge is going to be deciding what to taste.

Image courtesy Flickr: lauromaia

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  1. Schakolad has the best chocolate in town, now they have Gelato....its the best, if you havent already enjoyed some stop in and try it, you will love it!