Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kilwins brings sweet taste of “up north” to Ann Arbor

You can smell Kilwin’s Chocolates before you can see it. The sweet scent of freshly made waffle cones wafts down Liberty Street in downtown Ann Arbor, enticing you to come inside to taste, and not just smell.

This quaint ice cream and chocolate shop, Kilwins, serves up big scoops of tasty ice cream in cones that are freshly made. Half the fun of getting ice cream here is watching the cones being made. The batter is poured onto a smoking hot waffle maker, which looks a lot like a regular waffle maker, only larger and with shallower “holes.” The maker is closed for a quick minute to cook the waffle, and then the worker grabs a tong and quickly pulls the fresh waffle off the maker, twisting into a cone shape before it has time to cool and harden. The cones themselves are every bit as good as the sweet ice cream inside.

Kilwins also serves up gourmet chocolates of every kind, from nutty caramel confections to marshmallow delights and soft nougats. They also have a nice variety of sugar-free chocolates. This is a great place to find a special sweet treat for someone, or to just treat yourself. The shop stocks a variety of interesting gifts and knick-knacks, and is the perfect place to stop to find a gift on the fly.

This Michigan company has stores throughout the Great Lakes state, including many stores in northern Michigan. Visiting Kilwins in Ann Arbor always reminds me of trips to the Kilwins on Mackinac Island. Kilwins is a great destination for your next ice cream run. It’s close to many downtown Ann Arbor condominiums and to the Ashley Terrace condominiums Try Kilwins the next time you’re craving a sweet treat or a taste of “up north” ice cream.

Image courtesy Flickr: phil doka

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