Thursday, September 3, 2009

New bike parking to encourage biking as transportation mode in A2

Ann Arbor took another step towards encouraging biking as a form of transportation last month, when they installed new bike racks downtown. The three bike racks will be placed on streets in places that had formerly been used as parking for cars.

Each bike rack, which will use one former car parking space, has room for fourteen bicycles. The racks will be placed in Kerrytown (in front of the People’s Food Coop), Main Street (in front of the Arbor Brewing Company) and on State Street (in front of Biviouac). The pilot bike-parking program follows a model used successfully in Seattle, a city known for being biker-friendly.

The bike program is meant to encourage using bikes as a method of transportation. “It sends a message that bikes belong on the street,” said Nancy Shore, executive director of getDowntown. “They see they will have a premier parking spot next to the businesses they work or shop at.”

Ann Arbor is a biker-friendly city, with many miles of paths winding around and through the city. Many residents are choosing to commute by bike from their Ann Arbor home to their job or school, in order to save gas, save on parking fees, and also as a form of exercise. The bike racks downtown will make it even easier to find bike parking throughout the popular downtown area.

Image courtesy Flickr:fabi_k

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