Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nature in the City – Exploring The University of Michigan’s Exhibit Museum of Natural History in Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor’s very existence brings together nature and education. At the University of Michigan’s Exhibit Museum of Natural History, located on Geddes Avenue near  the University of Michigan Central Campus, you and your child can spend your day learning about the natural wonders of this great region.
This Spring, join in the Butterfly Festival on Saturday, May 21, 2011. The Museum’s butterfly sanctuary is host to a number of different species. Kids can help plant butterfly foliage in the perennial garden to attract these gossamer creatures and even make their own pair of wings.
Weekends host planetarium exhibits, where seasonal discussions on the stars give you a glimpse into the sky above Ann Arbor and your neighborhood.
The permanent exhibits include The Hall of Evolution, the most extensive collection of prehistoric life in Michigan. Dinosaurs, mastodons, prehistoric whales surround you as you look at artifacts chronicling over 600 million years of life on Earth. There are models and dioramas to show you how these amazing creatures lived on the planet – maybe even in your neighborhood.
A collection of Great Lakes birds and mammals, as well as reptiles and amphibians, is on display in The Michigan Wildlife Gallery. There are habitat scenes and displays showing how these native species survive in our region.
A geology display houses rocks and minerals that come from as far as the Upper Peninsula and as close as within the city of Ann Arbor. The differences in these formations depending on the area they are found can be surprising.
Children ages 6-12 have even more opportunities for exploring nature and enjoying themselves by choosing among the camps offered during the summer at the Museum. These programs are interactive and help develop and expand children’s understanding of the history of their world through crafts, activities and experiments.
The Exhibit Museum of Natural History offers a multitude of options for your child to learn and engage in the world around him.

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