Monday, October 31, 2011

This & That Closes on E. Liberty in Downtown Ann Arbor

This and That candy store on East Liberty Closes
Another retail casualty in Downtown Ann Arbor.  Located right across the street from the now gone Borders flagship store, This & That's last day was Saturday.  Lucky me, I got in on the 40% off candy and they still had decent selection.

According to Ann The space at 611 E. Liberty has been leased and will become the leasing office for the New Zaragon West development located on the corner of E. William and Thompson.

My kids, who love candy were hooked on Gordon's in Depot Town, Ypsilanti until it closed.  They were delighted when This and That opened last summer.  A weekend was not complete without a trip downtown to Border's and the candy store.  Yes we actually bought books at Borders. Dad would find an excuse to stop by Lab Coffee or Comet coffee for a hand poured cup of coffee too.

This and That owner Andrea Graef cited declining sales and the closing of Borders, opening of CVS (though she did not cite the opening of 7-11) and pan handlers as possible contributors to her deision not to continue the business.

What ever the reason for their closure, we will miss This and That.   I am guessing the Michigan Theater candy sales should bump up now.

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