Monday, February 27, 2012

The Wurst Bar, Ypsilanti

Not too long ago the Wurst Bar joined the Ypsilanti community and has since been met with critical and local applause.

The Ypsilanti community has been in need of something new and exciting for a while now and in January the new management took over the former Theo's Bar and Grille and renamed the place the Wurst Bar. A play on words rather than a proclamation of status, the Wurst moved in to fill a particular kind of niche in Ypsi, seeking to satisfy the foodie. This has been accomplished by building a menu based on bratwursts and sausages, hence the name.

A chef was hired and the menu rolled out. The Wurst Bar menu features a variety of handmade, in house, brats and sausages all of which are a particular kind of delicious and weird. The brat and sausage options are divided into two groups; the usual and the unusual. At time these menu option have changed or updated in the Wurst's attempts to perfect their options and offer customer something new.

Currently on the usual list:

  • PBR Poached Bratwurst

  • Spicy Italian Sausage

  • South African Boerewors

  • Vegetarian Hot Italian

  • Vegetarian Apple & Pecan

Currently on the unusual list:

  • Rattlesnake Chorizo

  • Turducken

  • Alligator & Crawfish Boudin

  • Rabbit, Fig & Viognier

  • Bison & Lamb Merguez

Burgers, soups and salads are also available but the other stand out menu item at the Wurst is the tots. Tatter tots instead of fries and not just tots but regular and sweet potato tots. These are available along with several other appetizer options.

Another very impressive feature at the Wurst is their extensive and varied beer selection. PBR may be the only 'normal beer' on tap at the Wurst. From thick dark stouts to a selection of IPAs and Pilsners there is an undeniably attractive selection. Also worth noting is the stylish row, double row rather, of Jameson bottles that lines the top shelf behind the bar.

Among the renovations to the former Theo's building a large cooler was placed behind the bar to house well over half of the bars beer selection in bottle and cans. The ceiling was removed and heightened and several walls/rooms were removed to make more room for patrons. The seating arrangements were redone with booths and tables and chairs that feature the hides of several animals. The bar was given space both behind and above, making the entire inside feel much bigger. Games were added along with a future space jukebox (a gaint ipod on the wall more or less).

Speaking of future space things; all the registers are ipads. That's right. It feels a little bit like Star Trek and alot like awesome. This means that wait staff can take your order on their iphone and instantly send it to both the register and the kitchen.

While some long time regulars of Theo's will scorn the new look and new bar, the Wurst requires more than just a peek in the door. Head inside, have a brat and some tots, marvel at the beer selection and chat with the staff. Soon it will be apparent that the Wurst is good thing for Ypsi, a new business with new ideas and new flavors.

Welcome to Ypsi Wurst Bar.

Δ John Fenton writes for the PiperPartners Real Estate Team.

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