Thursday, October 18, 2012

BetterBuildings for Michigan

BetterBuildings for Michigan has announced a new program that will help the local community take control of their energy bills.

This program includes two steps. First, residents will be matched with a Certified Building Analyst who will perform a comprehensive energy assessment of their home. A report will be generated to show residents where they are using energy and where they could save money with a few improvements.

Second BetterBuildings for Michigan offers many rebates and financing to get any home improvement job completed. Along with that, there are several bonuses to choose from, such as: double your utility’s energy rebates, $1200.00 Energy Savings Bonus, same as sash financing, and low-rate long term financing.

Additional opportunities include a referral program, and lawn signs. There is an enrollment fee of $100.00, DTE/MichCon gas customers can get a $50.00 instant rebate for a limited time. For residents interested in signing up, visit


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  1. This is really worth the investment. Combined with an evaluation by an Ann Arbor plumbing specialist, you can save on energy, water, and gas bills. Your home will also be safer.