Monday, February 25, 2013

Ann Arbor’s South Industrial Solution for Preparing Your Home

It is the end of February and, for college students, winter break is over. Graduation is coming up in a few short months and in addition to focusing on school, students need to think ahead about their living arrangements. For the residents of Ann Arbor who own rental properties or will sell their homes this spring, it is also time to think about getting your homes ready for incoming renters and buyers.

When buying furniture, home decor and house-hold repair items, most people think of Briarwood mall area, Home Depot, Lowes, and downtown Ann Arbor. However, there is another growing shopping district—South Industrial Highway. Yes, S. Industrial, on the Southeast side of Ann Arbor, offers more than meets the eye.

Think of  S. Industrial shopping district as a massive outdoor shopping center that spreads to State Street and Stimpson. Incredibly, S. Industrial may offer the most useful items at bargain prices—meaning next to nothing.Gently used furniture, home fixtures and decor, and so much more can all be found here.

Short-term residents, such as students, can buy gently used furniture and then easily donate it back to Ann Arbor PTO, Ann Arbor Recycle Reuse Center, or Salvation Army when time in Ann Arbor is complete. (Always check their websites to see which items will and will not be accepted.)

Are you looking to remodel your home? Ann Arbor Recycle Reuse Center offers lumber, fixtures, and tools to aide you in your home improvement projects. Urban Wood, a project that began in 2005, partners with local-family businesses to recycle dead urban trees and create high-quality sustainable lumber and uniquely crafted furniture. This project offers their products inside the Ann Arbor Recycle Reuse Center. 

For staging your home to potential buyers and renters, save yourself from spending more than you have to on furniture you may not intend to keep. Salvation Army and the Ann Arbor Recycle Reuse Center have gently used furniture for a fraction of the cost.

Aside from re-sale centers, shoppers can go to Gross Electric for new innovative design ideas and light products. You will also find other home novelty items such as door handles and drawer handles. 

For window treatments, Hunter Douglas is well known as the best brand in its industry. On S. Industrial you can go directly to Creative Windows where they only carry the best quality products-Hunter Douglas.  

Ann Arbor's South Industrial Highway shopping district is truly a time and money-saving solution. Start at one end of this Southeast Ann Arbor street and when you come to the end, you will have everything you need to prepare your home for the upcoming buying and renting season. 

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