Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Downtown Ann Arbor's Vie Fitness and Spa

Vie: Fitness and Spa is located on 209 S. Ashley Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104.

Owner Heather Dupuis envisioned a gym that was not really a gym, but rather a space with key architectural and interior design elements that radiates beauty with a holistic feel. Heather's Vie: Fitness and Spa became a reality in 2004 and it expanded in 2008. Today, Vie continues to focus on offering clients safe customized personal training with the goal of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

At Vie Fitness and Spa

While the major focus is on personal training, Ann Arbor residents can also receive massage therapy and group fitness classes: barre intensity, Pilates, yoga, and spinning. After a refreshing workout, residents can reenergize at the juice bar that offers all-natural meals and beverages. 

Checkout Vie's Boutique for soft, breathable apparel tailored for working out. You can also buy workout accessories: yoga mats and water bottles.  

Downtown Living

Residents living in nearby neighborhoods and downtown condominiums such as Ashely Mews, Ashley Terrace, Liberty Lofts, Washington Street, The Perk and North Main Condominiums can add to their workout by walking or biking to Vie. 

To Join or Not to Join?

Joining a gym is a major investment. With so many options, particularly in Ann Arbor, it can be difficult to decide which to join. 

To find out which option is best for you, try finding limited-time specials such as Groupons, Living Social deals, or on websites for multiple gyms to experience the environment, trainers, and patrons. Through first-hand knowledge, you will begin to realize what you are looking for in a workout facility.

You may also want to try signing up for newsletters and social media sites as readers will get a heads up on the latest deals. Plus, those sites are easier to quit than an establishment you no longer care for. 

Vie regularly offers Groupons and Living Social deals for spinning and barre intensity classes. Be on the look out and try it! 

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