Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Literati Bookstore

Literati Bookstore Ann Arbor, MI | Photo Credit by Andy Piper

It's snowing in late April? Well then we cannot think of a better time than now to visit Literati Bookstore in downtown Ann Arbor!

A New Spot for Book Lovers

The new general bookstore opened on Easter morning in hopes that the owners could work out potential kinks with a smaller crowd. Surprisingly to them, Literati Bookstore's reputation preceded itself. Ann Arbor residents have eagerly awaited a new independent bookstore in the downtown area since the major loss of Borders. The store's opening day was not so small and since then it has received a steady amount of traffic.

"Ann Arbor Once Had the Most Bookstore per Capita in the Country" -Ann Arbor Residents

Co-owners Mike Gustafson and Hilary Lowe, an engaged couple, moved from Brooklyn, NY to Ann Arbor, MI with the firm intention "to start a bookstore and bring books back to downtown Ann Arbor." For Hillary, this was moving back to Ann Arbor. She grew up going to local bookstores and intends to offer a similar, whimsical opportunity to young Ann Arborites.

Mike and Hilary tapped into the knowledge of three former Borders' employees as well as a former Shaman Drum employee, Director of Great Lakes Independent Books Association, and two University of Michigan MFA students to assist with layout, book selection, and running the store.

With a solid Ann Arbor staff, Literati knows how to create a local environment. The exposed brick walls are decorated with colorful book t-shirts, canvas book bags, and art; an open wood and checkered floor, bookshelves from Borders, chalk book section titles, and eclectic furniture give off a familiar nostalgic feel. It is as though Literati has always had a home here and through customer loyalty it always will.

Five Reasons Literati Love's Physical Books

5. No e-distractions.

4. Writing memorable inscriptions in books and giving them as gifts.

3. Stories from books linger in the memory longer than online content.

2. Bookshelves to give proof to the wealth of knowledge inside each of us as well as the feeling of running     your fingers across each book.

1. Taking a book to bed and winding down your day with a story.

For details about these tips and more on books look to Literati Bookstore.

Explore the Literati' Bookstore's varied selection of books and immerse yourself in a story; possibly one that does not involve snow.

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