Thursday, July 18, 2013

Installing New Floors? Consider This Before You Do!

Ceramic Tile Imitating A Wood Appearance

Browsing Bob Vila's website we came across a great article about floors departing from wood to take on a different trend. Here is what we got from the article.

(Re)Trend In Flooring

While wood (and variations of if) have dominated the flooring industry for years, the ceramic industry has quietly undergone major changes to become more appealing to home owners. If you are planning to install new floors to your home, read further about the trend in flooring going back to ceramic and why it's becoming so popular. It may just change your mind! 

These aren't the Same Ceramic Tiles from Your Childhood Home! 

“Paints, wallcoverings, carpets, furniture, and the like follow trends to the letter,” says Ryan Fasan, a consultant for the trade group Tile of Spain, “while ceramics tend to interpret them in a more timeless fashion.” via 

Not only do the interpret timeless fashion, they also come with new technologies. Tiles can 
  • glow-in-the-dark with photoluminescence 
  • clean the air with biomimetic structures 
  • radiate heat with high-tech glazes 
With these types of advancements ceramic tiles are changing its looks with colors, textures, and mimicking other materials such as wood and stone. Ceramic tiles are growing larger, and currently square and rectangular formats in various designs are the most popular.

This industry is working towards sustainable, eco-friendly materials to promote comfort and health for homeowners and the environment. 

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