Monday, July 1, 2013

Look and Buy a Louis Kamper's Detroit French Regency Mansion

The mansions on Seminole Street gives us a glimpse as to how grand Detroit once looked like. However, have you felt that glimpse wasn't enough? Did you ever want to take a look inside one of these mansions? Well now is you chance! We are giving you a virtual opportunity and going one step further--we found one for sale. 

Only once in a lifetime does a home like this become available for sale. This 1909 french regency mansion built by Louis Kamper sits on three lots, and is surrounded by lavish greenery and gardens. Inside you will have ornaments such as the chandelier over the grand staircase that was a gift from Edsel Ford to the original owner, Cornelius Ray.

Why We Love Louis Kamper

  • Won commission for the Roseland Park Mausoleum at Roseland Cemetery in Berkley, MI.--the largest public mausoleum in the U.S. in 1914. 
  • Designed premier hotels: the Carleton and Italian Renaissance inspired Book-Cadillac Hotels in the 1920's. 
  • Kamper is one of the architects responsible for Detroit's position as having the third largest collection of pre-World War II residences, commercial buildings, and skyscrapers in the world. His legacy helped define 20th Century Detroit. (Source from

This 9,300 sq. ft. home's interior design features palladian windows and heavily ornamented marble fireplaces. However, antiquity meets modern times with a newer furnace, kitchen, and energy efficient windows. 

Owning this home, will allow you to own a part of U.S. history. Don't miss out on this very much cherished real estate.

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