Friday, November 8, 2013

How to Get Your Kids Ready for Winter

Get ready to enjoy winter!  Michigan winters can be long and difficult, but most of the time they are fun and beautiful.  Few scenes can compete with the pristine beauty of freshly powdered yard and hillside.  Michigan winters bring lots of snow, which means winter sports and winter clothes are soon to follow.
There are certain preparations that will help your kids and your whole family get ready to safely and warmly enjoy the winter.
Winter Clothes
The most important part of preparing your kids for winter is getting the right clothes for the season.  The right outwear will keep your children safe and warm while enjoying the snow and many fun winter activities.
  • Coats

    • Whether it is at recess, waiting for the bus, or playing outside with neighbors, siblings, and friends, most kids will spend a considerable amount of outdoors this winter.  Parents should pay special attention to how insulated, durable, and waterproof winter coats are.
    • Look for bright colors, which will help make kids more visible at the bus stop and out in the yard.
    • Parents should also look for hooded coats with zippers that cover the neck.
    • Some coats also feature reflective patches that will help ensure your kids are safe even early in the morning or in other low-light times of day.

  • Snowpants

    • Every kid needs a great pair of snowpants.  Snowpants in a bright color will keep your kids excited and happy about going outside, but will also help you keep track of your kids on a busy snow hill.  That said, black or other neutral colors will be easier to hand-down from kid to kid.
    • Waterproof snowpants are always a good idea because they will help keep kids safe and dry as they play in the snow – even for extended periods.
    • Younger children will benefit from overall-styled snowpants because they are less likely to fall down and they add extra insulation.

  • Hats, Gloves, and Scarves

    • Gloves are incredibly important because hands are so quickly susceptible to frostbite and require extra protection.  Waterproof gloves will work best for kids who plan to play outside.  Snowballs and snowmen will be much more fun without wet hands.
    • o   Hats are another important accessory because heads lose heat so quickly and leave kids exposed to wind and cold.  Kids with short hair, especially, will need extra coverage in the cold months.
    • Scarves are less necessary than other accessories, but are a great addition to any kid’s winter wardrobe.
Try shopping local for winter goods this year.

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Winter Games and Sports
Every Michigan kid will love learning to make snowmen and snow angels.  There’s something really special about the first snowball fight or sledding adventure of every season.  Parents can encourage fun and safe play that will get kids exercising and exploring the great outdo

Easy activities like building snowmen or making snow angels will be fun for the whole family and require little or no supplies.  Sledding is another fun and easy way to enjoy the snow, but you will need to find sleds, saucers, or toboggans.  Practice safe sledding by choosing smaller hills for younger kids, and avoiding areas with trees or near cars.

Staying Safe
Winter requires that kids and families need to practice extra safety measures.  With ice, earlier sunsets, and snow accumulation, it pays to be a little more cautious throughout the winter months.  Give your kids and yourself a little extra time in the morning to bundle up and slow down on the way to school and play.
Because many sidewalks and walking paths may be closed, narrower, and/or slippery, pay special attention to any routes your kids may take.  Encourage them to slow down and pay more attention.
As long as your kids have the right clothes and the right guidance, they will have a great winter!

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